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System Recovery

Technology unfortunately can fail – make sure your business is protected

system-recoveryWhen computers fail recovery can be a long, error-prone task that leaves mission-critical servers offline. For example, when a server operating system fails, it can take eight or more hours (days, in some instances) to rebuild and restore the server.

This process includes reinstalling the operating System, applications, patches, configuring settings, etc. Moreover, there are no guarantees that the server will be in the exact same state as before the failure took place. That’s why today’s organisations require a solution that enables administrators to perform bare-metal restorations in minutes- not hours or days.

There is also the matter of having to recover systems to the identical hardware platform where recovery points were created. Few organisations can afford the luxury of maintaining hardware replicas in case they need to replace an existing system. This introduces the issue of restoring a system to a new and dissimilar piece of hardware, while trying to preserve the integrity of the system state and the availability of the data.

Administrators today can significantly minimise downtime if they have the ability to recover entire systems to dissimilar hardware platforms or even to virtual environments. Dissimilar hardware restoration also saves significant hardware investments by eliminating the need to recover systems to the identical hardware platform.

Then there’s the inescapable fact that today’s dynamic business climate is changing all the rules when it comes to backup and recovery. Increasingly, IT administrators find it hard to create recovery points of a system within available backup windows. A solution such as Veritas provides a new approach to system recovery. The solution captures a system’s entire live state – including all files, applications, operating systems, and settings- in one file, without disrupting user productivity or application usage.

Veritas also allows administrators to recover entire systems to dissimilar hardware platforms. (Recovery points can also be restored to virtual environments in VMware.) Bare-metal restorations can be performed in minutes, and administrators no longer need to reinstall and reconfigure operating systems, applications, system settings, and preferences.

In addition, Veritas reduces the need for remote onsite IT support by allowing recovery of systems in a remote location or a locked environment. The solution enables a remote administrator to conduct bare-metal restorations simply by connecting via a secure remotely controlled interface.

Finally, Veritas allows administrators to create real-time recovery points of the entire system to eliminate backup windows. Scheduled recovery points help ensure systems are enabled for quick recovery, while allowing administrators to focus their attention on other tasks.


Traditionally, enterprises have struggled to recover whenever their IT operations have been disrupted. Thanks to advances in disk-based backup technology, enterprises can transcend the limitations of traditional backup and recovery practices. That’s welcome news, because better and faster backup and recovery are essential given all the dynamics that can affect IT today.

As enterprises increasingly expose their networks to customers, partners, and suppliers, they must be able to isolate a threat or outage and know precisely what steps to take to recover. When IT disaster does strike, enterprises need to quickly restore failed systems in minutes to a specified point in time without taking hours or days to manually rebuild and restore systems. Whether it’s a laptop dropped from a helicopter or a hard drive doused with oil, today’s IT departments need to be ready for anything.

Integratech can provide you with help through all of these stages, from initial planning, product selection and implementation on to periodic testing and process refinement. We are able to supply some of the world’s leading products and help you to protect your business from the threat of disaster recovery.

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