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Managed AV

The ultimate cyber defence, fully managed by Integratech

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Our managed AV solution provides fast, powerful endpoint protection for businesses of all sizes, with a small footprint that won’t slow you down.

It protects your business against ransomware, zero-day attacks, phishing, exploit kits and other malware that easily evades traditional signature-based antivirus.

It is delivered through a secure cloud infrastructure, designed to deliver the most reliable and secure cloud endpoint security platform on the market.

What’s more, it is fully managed by Integratech for one single low monthly price per device!

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  • Top-rated anti-malware
  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Advanced ransomware protection
  • Clear, easy to understand policies
  • Next generation advanced machine learning and behaviour analysis
  • Zero-day and unknown threat protection
  • Intelligent anti-phishing and anti-spam defences
  • DNX, URL and network packet inspection
  • Browser and application exploit defence
  • Updates your users anywhere as long as they have an internet connection
  • Full visibility of any issues across your site
  • Fast response times


Looking for more information?


The Dynamic dashboard delivers a comprehensive look at the current status of your endpoint environment. With detailed views of infected vs uninfected scans, threats found and severity of threats, the dashboard presents a clear view of what’s happening at all times.


Powered by next-generation advanced machine learning, one of the world’s largest threat intelligence clouds and real-time behavioural analysis. VIPRE cloud protects against malware that easily evades traditional signature-based antivirus.

Dynamic Dashboards – VIPRE Cloud immediately sends threat alerts so you can quickly analyse and stop attacks

Hassle Free Installation – We can offer seamless removal of your existing endpoint solution, as well as protecting any new devices that are added to your network

Interactive Visibility – VIPRE Cloud provides a broader deeper view of computing environments, identifying any compromised hosts and delivering vital information quickly

Unparalleled reporting – Schedule reports anytime, from any device, for unrivalled detail and visibility into the overall status of a computing environment


If you would like to discuss the IT security needs of your business, please call us on 01905 758900, email us via, or fill out this form to arrange a convenient time for us to call you.