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Mailsweep Email Security

Block email threats before they reach your network

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MailSweep is our hosted email service that protects your network from viruses, spam, advanced email threats and accidental or malicious data leakage via email. In the office or out on the road, no matter what device you are using.

Email attacks are a constant threat to any business. Once your system is infected, a virus can quickly spread and cause chaos within your network. MailSweep acts as a permanent shield against such attacks – verifying the integrity of each and every attempt to access your systems.

The multi-layered security keeps your business safe from known and emerging email-based threats, using a combination of custom filters and industry-leading antivirus, antispam and antiphishing engines.

If you would like to talk to us about the security of your email, please call us on 01905 758900, email us via, or, arrange a suitable time for us to call you, by filling out this form.


Platform independent works with any email client or server (including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Office 365 and Google Apps etc.)

Multiple levels of spam, virus and phishing protection.

Import allow and deny lists from your old system using CSV, thus reducing unnecessary administration during set-up.

As much or as little end user control over email as you choose.

Large file handling – allows an email over the file size limit through to the end user without the attachment, the end user then decides if they want to download it from the cloud.

Over 99.99% of spam identified and quarantined reduces wasted staff time and improves productivity.

Prevent data leakage (customer data, sensitive business information) through the use of multi-level account rules).


With a number of optional add-ons available, MailSweep can be customised to your organisation’s specific needs – reducing IT administration and strengthening your network’s protection.

ClickSweep provides another level of protection against phishing and ransomware attacks by preventing email recipients from clicking on dangerous URLs. It rewrites URLs in emails, enabling them to be rescanned at the time of the click. 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the security of your email, please call us on 01905 758900, email us via, or fill out this form to arrange a convenient time for us to call you.