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Mailsweep for Office 365 – A layered approach

Do you have concerns around email security, business continuity, data protection and service availability with Office 365? Layer your security with MailSweep and ClickSweep for Office 365.

As more businesses move to cloud-based applications like Office 365, security becomes an even more important discussion point. Should you stick with a single vendor strategy or should you spread the risk and use specialist service providers?

Office 365 is built to work with third-party security systems, so with our cloud-based email products your business can benefit from enterprise-level security and continuity without the high initial capital outlay and ongoing maintenance headaches.

Email is now a business-critical function and you cannot afford to lose access to it, or allow it to become vulnerable to attack. Enhance Office 365 by adding an additional level of email security and continuity. This includes stopping spam, phishing and spear fishing, as well as helping you to stay ahead of new and emerging email-based threats.

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MailSweep – email security

In addition to enhanced protection, our MailSweep product provides full traceability, policy control, rights administration, automatic quarantine management and more. You also get the added benefit of large file handling. With MailSweep you get power, control and insight as well as industry-leading message logs.

Reasons to choose enhanced Office 365 security solutions

As email security experts, our partner FuseMail gives you industry-leading levels of email security. They offer three antivirus engines on their system, they guarantee a 100% known virus detection rate. They also guarantee a 99% spam detection rate and a service availability of 99.999%.


Are your emails completely reliant on Office 365 uptime? Not anymore! Use any device with a web browser to access your emails. With ContinuitySMART you can add always on email continuity to your package to ensure that your business doesn’t stop in the event of downtime.

Data Leakage Protection

FuseMail allows searching of email bodies, attachments and headers for complete peace of mind. Configure your policies to search for PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance or even check for confidential business information or customer databases. You can configure this yourself from simple lists to complex RegEx strings.

System Customisation

The system allows complete customisation at administrator level. You can create dynamic rules as you need them – these are active instantly allowing you to react quickly when you need to.

Minimise day-to-day administration

The system empowers end users to handle their own quarantine and continuity. They have the option to use automated quarantine reports or an online portal where they can release, reject, maintain their own allow and deny lists.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) – as standard

Our customers get ATP as standard because viruses and spammers don’t attack you based on your package limitations. Using advanced policies, MailSweep gives you advanced threat protection from the more sophisticated threats out there. This includes protection from phishing, spear phishing, spoofing and more.

Single, unified interface for all messages

Our email logs are the best in the business. Whether your emails are clean, spam, (high, medium or low risk), rejected or anything else, you can view and manage them through one area in your administration portal. No need to check different things under different menus.

Take your security with you

FuseMail is platform independent, so if you ever moved away from Office 365, you can take your email security and backups (14 or 90 days) with you.

What’s next?

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