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Disaster Recovery

Protecting your business in the event of a disaster

Disaster Recovery SolutionsFor most small-and-mid sized businesses, computing systems and electronic information are necessary to conduct business on a daily basis, but the reality is that the risk of disruption to IT systems is always present. If your IT systems go down, it’s not only inconvenient, it could cost your business a substantial amount of money. “The average cost of downtime for an e-commerce site is £5,500 per hour.”  Forrester Research.

It is natural to expect your information systems to be functioning reliably and effectively at all times. Whether your business needs to process certain orders by Christmas Day, or report financial data to the government, time is of the essence. By having a recovery system in place, you can help ensure a quick and comprehensive recovery if your business ever faces a disruption or unanticipated problem that shuts down your IT systems.

When thinking about backup and recovery, it’s important to recognise that it’s not just about data. Many small and mid-sized businesses also rely on access to specific software, customised settings, and operating systems. Today,  Windows-based computing environments allow you to implement independent recovery solutions that quickly and effectively recover systems so that you and your employees can get back to business, quickly.

Recommendations –  Here are some steps to take to help your business recover in the case of a disruption to your business’s information systems.

Create disaster recovery and business continuity plans: It is important to have disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place now, so that you have a systematic way of dealing with problems in the future. A first step would be to have written documents with specific instructions that employees can easily access.

Implement independent system recovery solutions: An independent system recovery solution allows you to take advantage of a disk-based, bare-metal Windows system recovery, independent of the hardware used, and should be implemented on your desktops and servers. Rebuilding your servers can be painstakingly long. By installing system recovery solutions, you can restore your system quickly, saving you from excessive downtime and the costs associated with lost revenue. In addition, you will save on the cost of professional IT personnel to restore your systems since you will be able to get your system up and running easily. Instead of rebuilding your entire server or desktop, you can restore your systems including data, software, and customised settings, despite any disruptions or problems to your physical infrastructure. You can either restore them to your new hardware or to your old hardware once repaired.

Test your disaster recovery plan: Once you have a disaster recovery plan in place, it is important to test it so that you and your employees will know what to expect if you ever have to use it in a disaster situation. Additionally, when testing it, the findings will help you customise your plan based on the specific needs of your business. Several things to keep in mind when testing the plan include: knowing how long it will take to retrieve a server backup; being able to access data even if you can’t get to the office; and being able to access uncorrupted copies of software if the system shuts down because of a computer bug.

Conclusion – Disaster recovery planning is not a glamorous task, but in today’s IT intensive business climate, it is a necessary part of a successful business strategy. Independent system recovery not only helps you recover data, it helps you save and restore your software, customised settings, and even your operating systems. This way, even a malfunction that causes losses to your hardware will not be a problem- you can quickly and easily restore your business functionality to another system. By implementing an independent system recovery solution, you can save your business precious time and money, and possibly the business itself!

At Integratech we can provide you with help through all the stages, from initial planning, product selection and implementation, and then on to periodic testing and process refinement. We supply the world’s leading products and help you to protect your business in the event of a disaster.

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