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Intercompany Integration

Streamline intercompany transactions and integration

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The intercompany integration solution for SAP Business One streamlines processes such as financial consolidation and intercompany purchasing between two or more organisations running the application. It supports multiple subsidiaries, each running their own instance of SAP Business One, including those using different currencies. 

For any small and midsize business with multiple business units or subsidiaries, intercompany transactions and integration create operational complexity. When you need to consolidate financials across all operations for reporting, provide visibility into the sales performance of each business entity or streamline intercompany purchasing transactions, then minimising complexity is crucial.

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  • Master data replication and content sharing
  • Support for standardised, transparent processes across business entities

  • Financial and operational visibility across business entities

  • Control and collaboration across business entities

  • Support for intercompany transactions in multiple currencies

  • Consolidate, coordinate and view activities across all business units running SAP Business One without manually intensive reconciliation

  • Minimise errors and duplicate data entry

  • Increase employer productivity


To talk to us about your business and to understand more about the benefits that SAP Business One can bring, please call us on 01905 758900, email us via, or fill out this form to arrange a convenient time for us to call you.