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IT for HealthcareIn the healthcare sector a strong IT infrastructure is essential. Having full, easy and secure access to patient medical records is very important for doctors and healthcare professionals. Many practices have moved to digital databases and rely heavily on their IT infrastructure. Almost all information accessed by doctors is highly confidential and must be managed using the latest in security technology. This includes patient records, treatment details, appointments, and so on.

A reliable phone system is a must for healthcare practices and it should have call waiting and message taking facilities for booking appointments. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is highly useful to store patient information and a reliable system needs to be in place to allow patients to book over the internet. Text-to-voice technology can remind patients of upcoming appointments to minimise the risk of missed appointments.

There are a few key topics that are being discussed in healthcare at the moment and which healthcare professionals should be aware of:

Changes to Regulation. Regulations surrounding the healthcare industry are always changing and can impact the day-to-day operations of a medical practice.

An increasing emphasis on efficiency. There has been a lot of talk recently about quality of care in hospitals, access to care and ways in which the healthcare sector can improve operations.

More of a focus on patient needs. In these economic times it is important to ensure patient needs are being met to maintain an edge over competitors.

Healthcare practices must be flexible in order to respond to the huge changes taking place in the UK health system. The IT system is at the heart of this flexibility. At Integratech we work with a range of healthcare organisations and we understand the needs of this sector. We offer a number of solutions which can dramatically improve your operations, leading to increased efficiency and a more scalable organisation.

Key IT solutions for healthcare practices


Computer hardware

SAP Business One

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Multi-site solutions

IT support


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