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Data Backup

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Cloud Backup is designed for organisations requiring a simple, secure and reliable data backup, which would be held offsite

A secure upload of your folders and files (word documents, excel spreadsheets, PDFs, images etc.) is completed at set intervals agreed with you, to our offsite storage location.

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Most businesses have experienced data loss of some kind. This can be very frustrating, but in a lot of cases the impact is quite minor. There are times, however, when the loss of data can have a near catastrophic impact on a business, and make it almost impossible to return to normal. It is therefore essential that you do everything you can to help safeguard your valuable business data.

Disaster recovery planning is never a glamorous task, but in today’s IT intensive business climate, it is necessary part of a successful business strategy.


A secure upload of your folders and files is completed at set intervals, agreed with you, to our offsite storage location.

Following the first full backup, future backups are performed incrementally, meaning that only the bits and bytes that have changed will be updated, so saving you precious bandwidth.

The security of your data is assured as not only is it uploaded using an encrypted SSL connection, but it remains encrypted whilst on our cloud servers.

Should you need to recover any items, then these are available to restore directly.

By implementing Integratech’s Cloud Backup solution, you can save your business precious time and money, and possibly even the business itself.


We can help you through all the stages, from initial planning, solution selection and implementation, right through to periodic testing and process refinement.



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