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Mobile Working

Solutions for Mobile Working

Mobile WorkingMobile working is about freedom and simplicity. New technologies are making it easy to access information and work regardless of location. The idea of mobile working is simple: it means giving people the tools to let them work anywhere at any time. In simple terms, mobile working frees you from your desk.

Increased productivity

With mobile working, time spent travelling between locations can be used productively. There is now a range of products and services on the market that enable you to manage emails, access your company database or edit documents on the move. A simple calculation of the benefit this offers can be quite surprising. If your employees spend a total of only 10 hours a week travelling, that’s over 500 hours a year – potentially tens of thousands of pounds of lost productivity a year- which could be recaptured.

Working in real time

Mobile working means that sales people or staff working at client sites can be in constant contact. The result of this is that you can get instant responses to queries and they can have access to the most up-to-date information. Now, instead of having to type up notes or update the database on their return to the office, staff can enter information directly onto the system. Likewise, with the additional information available to them, they can offer a more complete service to clients. For example, instead of simply demonstrating a product with a laptop, they could connect to your system, give clients the latest prices and stock figures, and even place an order on the spot. This can mean more sales and better customer service.

Flexible Working

With a new generation of smaller, cheaper mobile devices, businesses have a range of technology options. Previously mobile working was synonymous with laptops. Now, however, you can buy handheld devices like tablet computers or 4G/3G phones that will let you handle email or make videophone calls on the move. This means you can match technology to employees’ needs. For example, while sales staff might still need laptops, warehouse workers might have portable barcode scanners to check stocks and senior staff, tablets, to check their email and appointments. Depending on your business model and objectives, the mobile technologies you choose will vary.

So why talk to Integratech?

At Integratech we offer a wide range of mobile solutions. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the supply, installation, configuration and ongoing support of these and can offer sound advice as to the benefits you may be able to gain by mobilising your workforce. Please feel free to contact us for more information about this great way of working.

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