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Medical cash plan organisations will benefit from Zenith Cashplan which is an easy to use and automated claims processing software tool, delivering a total solution for customer management and sales. Key functions include customer relationship and arbitration management, marketing campaign planning, reporting on business performance and sophisticated policy premium collections.

Businesses that are not well automated more often than not experience very high processing costs and long cycle times, hindering business performance. Cashplan claims software has been built from the ground up to help your medical cash plan business to:


  1. Minimise operational costs
  2. Deliver user efficiency
  3. Shorten cycle times


The use of technology is critical to achieving these three goals and Cashplan claims software will deliver the results that matter.

Detailed policy holder information can be quickly and easily stored within the system and made readily available to personnel across all departments at the click of a mouse. Incorrectly entered or conflicting data is flagged by the system and warning messages will appear to alert of any potential problems.

Analytics are a core feature of Cashplan and specially designed reports can be exported to key business applications including Microsoft Office. Data is easily plotted on charts including bar graphs and pie charts to help you clearly see any emerging statistical patterns.

Zenith Claims Software

Experience a quick return on investment

Cashplan claims software supports full medical cash plan policy holder record management including the ability to store information on dependants, partners and disclaimers.

Managing schemes and maintaining up to date documentation is a simple and easy process allowing valuable time to be saved. Return on investment is quick due to the rapid improvements Cashplan will bring to your organisation.

Shorten Cycle Times through automation

Zenith Claims Software Tool

Detailed claims history can be searched by policy holder, scheme, benefit, group or organisation and all approved and rejected claims are easily visible. Automation is deeply embedded into Cashplan, improving accuracy and helping to shorten cycle times. The claims assessment process is fully automated and any incorrectly entered or conflicting data is flagged up by the system. For example, if a claim is made for the cost of a hospital stay relating to high blood pressure by a customer who is not entitled to this cover, the system will automatically inform personnel and display the disclaimer.

Adhere to changing industry regulation

Cashplan claims software will grow and change with your business making it a future proof solution. It can be easily customised to adhere to ever changing industry regulation. Users of other medical cash plan applications are often faced with the typical situation of having to wait many months for software updates to be released. Cashplan claims software can be provided as an on-premise or hosted solution to meet your business needs.

A full business solution

Cashplan claims processing software is based on tried & tested Microsoft Dynamics technology to ensure that you are getting the most reliable software possible for your business. All relevant specialist information including sales opportunities, customer contacts and marketing campaigns are all stored within Cashplan. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office applications allows even greater bonuses in productivity. As Cashplan has been developed around key Microsoft technologies, support and further development can be delivered worldwide.

Management by exception

Zenith reporting tools

Automation of day to day tasks means much work can be accomplished in the blink of an eye. Stored customer information is visible across all departments and can be quickly pulled into new claim forms, saving time and avoiding duplicate content. Any customer complaints can be seen by all departments, meaning they can be solved quickly and easily. Claims can be automatically flagged for managerial approval meaning management by exception is easily achievable. Working in this digital way means documents don’t get lost and any claim backlogs can be instantly seen. This translates into both cost savings for the business and to greater customer satisfaction.

Get clear insights into business performance

Advanced search functions are ingrained into Cashplan claims software. Personnel can search on any aspect of a claim or a customer record and have powerful real time business analytics tools and custom reporting options to see emerging trends; Take advantage of automated alerts, workflow, and forecasting capabilities to proactively manage customer demand, understand which customers are essential to your success, and see which resources are costing you money. Adaptable interfaces for each operators job function (dashboards) can be set up to contain any combination of lists, charts or any other data to give a clear and easy way to manage vital information.

Zenith Cashplan

Policy Premium Collections – Automated

Cashplan claims software has a sophisticated automated billing element that allows for quick and simple policy premium collections as well as settlement payments. From this claims payments can be processes through BACS, cheques and direct debit.

Save valuable time with web integration*

As you will be aware, one of the biggest challenges to medical cash plan organisations is how to shorten cycle times, therefore increasing customer satisfaction rates. With Cashplan, web integration integration is an integral part of the software. Policy holders can apply for new schemes, submit claims, view status of applications, and check benefit availability – all from the comfort of their own home or while on the move. Companies that control employees’ health entitlements can also benefit from these functions, saving valuable time for customers and you, the insurance provider.

A secure system

We take security very seriously and understand the importance of holding customer details and claims information in a secure environment. Cashplan medical claims processing software has individual user passwords to ensure the right people are accessing the right content. Files can be encrypted as well as being backed up to secure storage.

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