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Functional Enhancements

SAP Functional Enhancements

Alongside the standard SAP functionality, Integratech are able to offer additional custom add-ons which extend the functionality of the standard SAP B1 experience.

Below are some of the add-ons that our customers commonly use to help them with their marketing and production processes.

Pricing and Promotion thumbnail
Pricing and Promotions
Configure catalogue-based offers for your SAP items
Customisations Thumbnail
Ask your customers questions regarding the sale of your items


Stock Transfer Thumbnail
Inter-Stock Transfer
Automate the document creation to facilitate the transfer of inter-company stock.

Sales Order to Work Order
Automate the production order process from your incoming sales orders.


Pricing and Promotions

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The Pricing and Promotions add-on provides the ability to add items to a variety of different catalogues in order to manage current and future item pricing and promotions. Promotions can be applied to individual items, or item bundles and controlled through date ranges. There are many offer types available to choose from.

Key elements include:

Giving the user the ability to set up catalogues and adding specific items to catalogues and offering catalogues which have expiry dates, enabling them to be easier to manage as well as catalogues that can be turned on / off for test purposes – allowing more exploration of the software.

Alongside this there are options for promotions to be set up, allowing the use of:

Voucher Codes – which can expire on certain dates to meet the needs and criteria of the user.

Percentage and Pounds off items and orders in catalogues – This gives the user the option to offer a percentage or money off an item.

Special individual promotional prices per catalogue – This would offer the user to select discounts such as 3 for 2 and buy one get one free.

Buy a specific Item and receive an item free – this allows for an item, which is selectable, to be received for free along with the principle order. The add-on only allows for one free item.

Free delivery on items – This allows for free delivery on items chosen by the user.




Q&A Thumbnail

The Q&A add-on can set up questions and answers for sales orders.

Key elements include:

– Answers to the items questions – these are prompted when entering the item on a sales order, displaying a list of possible answers, or a free text field, on a row by row basis.

– All questions and answers being seen in a table – when opened, the table produces a list of Q&A’s which have been answered/unanswered.

– Questions (which can be made mandatory) – This allows the user to ask specific questions relating to orders. This part of the add-on can control sales order processing where mandatory questions are required prior to submitting an order.

– Answers are able to be configured – This will allow the user to select from a predefined drop down list, or to allow a free text answer (or both).



Inter – Company Stock Transfer

stock transfer thumbnail1

This Inter-Company Stock Transfer function aids with the movement of stock between companies on the same SAP server.

Key elements include:

– Sales Deliveries – these are created in the company that is setup as the ‘head office’.

– Goods receipts – these are created in the local company by the current user, as a way of receipting for items that are purchased.

– Allowing the user to select source and destination – This part gives the user the ability of selecting where and when the stock transfer is going to its destination and when it will be received.



SO2WO (Sales Order to Works Order)


The Sales Order to Works Order add-on allows mass creation of Production Orders from a Sales Order that contains items with production BOMs (Bill of Materials).

Key elements include:

– Mass creation of production receipts – By creating mass amounts of production receipts, the SO2WO add-on allows you to create receipts in bulk on production orders that have been completed and need to be booked back in to SAP.

– Amount Selection – The Sales Order to Works Order add-on allows for the user to select all, none or individual items throughout the process.



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