Integratech partnered with SAP in 2003 and began offering Business One to our current and potential clients. We did this believing it was the best ERP solution available at the time. Fast forward to almost 15 years later and our faith in the product has not wavered in the intervening years since.

In that time we have gained invaluable experience and have developed a key understanding of business processes across a wide range of industries, meaning we can deliver the right solution to clients across the UK. This, coupled with our enhanced SAP Business One support options, has been appreciated by our customers, old and new.

We understand that choosing the software is only part of successfully implementing an ERP solution; one of the most important factors is selecting the right partner to work with. At Integratech we put our customers first and our team take a consultative approach to see what is best for a business, rather than think about what solutions are most profitable for us.

We believe being completely honest and trustworthy enables us to build up excellent relationships with our customers. We are proud of our industry-leading customer retention as well as the continual flow of existing SAP customers choosing to work with us, having been dissatisfied with their previous partner.

SAP Business One was voted best Enterprise Accounting/ERP software in the Software Excellence Awards 2017. The award is a fantastic achievement, as it voted for by the actual users of the software.

So why is SAP Business One so highly regarded by its users?

► Increases Revenue
Easy access to real-time information anywhere in the system helps you identify new sales opportunities.

► Reduces Costs
Avoids costly upgrades and customisation to maintain system compatibility when you add new functions.

► Improves Customer Relationships
Integral CRM enables stronger sales and support to enhance customer satisfaction.

► Improves Efficiency
One centralised data repository dramatically boosts efficiency by providing the right information to the right people and eliminating redundant data entry.

► Proactive Business Critical Alerts and Automated Approvals
Remain in control with the powerful proactive business alerts and automated approvals process.

Above are just a few of the reasons. Trusted by over 59,000 companies in 150 countries, this single solution streamlines key processes – from accounting and CRM to supply chain management and purchasing.

For more detailed information, please read the brochure here.

To talk to one of our business process consultants regarding your own situation, please call us on 01905 758900, email or, arrange a suitable time for us to call you.