Mainstream support of Microsoft Office 2010 ended in October 2015. Since then users have noticed increasing errors as bugs and issues are no longer being automatically fixed. A recent problem affecting all users was actually patched allowing them to continue to work unaffected. To do this Microsoft took the largely unprecedented step of issuing a manual update for Office 2010, despite it being end of life.

However, they actually discovered that this patch contained an error that could cause the programme to stop working altogether and so it was quickly removed. So now as the product is no longer covered by mainstream support Microsoft has currently no date as to when a replacement patch will be issued and so they are instead encouraging users to upgrade to a later version of Office software.

The issues users have currently encountered in Office 2010 largely concern attachments:

Issue 1
When you open an attachment whose file name includes an ellipsis (…) or an exclamation point (!), the files are blocked and you receive a warning message.

Issue 2
If an email message includes an attached email message and the attached email message’s subject line includes an unsafe file name extension (as listed in the Blocked attachments in Outlook Office webpage), the email attachment is blocked for recipients.

Issue 3
You receive an error message when you open attachments in an email message, a contact, or a task that’s formatted as Rich Text.

We have also had reports of users having issues whilst attempting to search in outlook.

So if you are still using Office 2010 we strongly urge you to consider upgrading to a later version of the software.

Office 2013 is still available – however mainstream support for this product ends in April next year, whereas the newer version, Office 2016, will be supported until at least October 2020. However if you are looking for a much more flexible solution that has a perpetual support offering then Office 365 is the place to go.

If you would like any further information regarding what is best for your business, please contact your account manager by calling 01905 758900.