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Cloud Continuity

Cloud continuityIT system disruption or disaster can lead to catastrophic problems for businesses. Cloud Continuity safeguards your critical business functions in IT, including data, operating systems and applications so that in the event of a disaster, key staff members can continue working from your systems in the cloud.


Most businesses have experienced some kind of outage, often resulting in data loss. This can be very frustrating but is often quite minor. A disaster, whether it is through human error or Mother Nature, can cause a catastrophic impact on business and make it near impossible to return back to normal if you are unprepared.

“20% of all companies will suffer fire, theft, flood or storm damage, power failures, terrorism or hardware/software disaster. Of those without a business continuity plan:

  • 43% will never reopen
  • 80% fail within 13 months of reopening
  • 53% of claimants never recoup the losses incurred by a disaster”

Source: Aveco

It is a relatively quick and easy process to put a Business Continuity plan in place and will bring your organisation many benefits. Cloud Continuity is a cost effective and flexible solution that matches the needs of businesses across all industry sectors.

Cloud Continuity improves business efficiency by transferring your data real-time to Integratech’s high security data centre and giving the option to have it remotely available in a matter of hours.

Cloud Continuity safeguards your infrastructure so you can focus on growing your business


“Business Continuity is a term used to capture the issue of considering how your business will continue to operate in the event of a serious problem or even a disaster. This could include issues from network failure through to terrorist attacks.” Financial Times IT glossary


Cloud Continuity: What does it do? Cloud Continuity: How does it help?
Users can connect to your cloud replicated critical IT systems from anywhere in a matter of hours In the event of a disaster, key personnel can carry on working therefore delivering all that your organisation needs for its day-to-day operations with minimal down time.
Delivers continuous copies of operating system, applications and data for easy recovery to another physical or virtual machine, regardless of make, model or configuration Instead of having to work from data many hours or days old, your organisation will have the most up-to-date information to carry on working. With the flexibility of hardware requirements, the time, complexity and costs are all reduced.
Replicates only the bytes that change Reduces the amount of internet traffic required, ensuring the continued effectiveness of your link to the World Wide Web.
Protects the operating system, applications and data for secure recovery. Levels of encryption are replicated or improved within our solutions Your data is kept protected at all times during the replication process meaning no unauthorised access of valuable company systems.
Delivers a mirror of your systems onto our hosted secure tier 4 servers Reduces or eliminates the need for tape backups. The security and safety of your data within our system ensures that you can comply with both industry and European Regulations.

Business continuity diagram

At Integratech we fully understand that not every organisation is in a position to justify purchasing a full Business Continuity solution, this is why we have a number of options to choose from that will match your specific needs.


Cloud Backup is designed for organisations requiring a secure and reliable offsite backup but do not need the more advanced features of our Cloud Continuity and Cloud Recovery solutions. A regular monitored backup of your system will be securely completed if possible to an area distant from the main infrastructure. In the event of a disaster, your systems are available to restore onto the present or replaced infrastructure.


In effect this is the same solution as option 1 but the applications and data will also be backup up to the cloud. To deliver this, a complete image will be created and mirrored with your system using secure real-time data transfer over the internet. This will be kept for a pre-arranged amount of days using high-level replication technology at a remote data centre. In the event of a disaster your data will still be available.


This is a totally comprehensive solution for organisations looking for a full Business Continuity and disaster recovery package. As with option 2 a complete image will be created and mirrored with your system using secure real-time data transfer over the internet. This will be kept for a pre-arranged amount of days using high-level replication technology on our secure servers at our site or a Tier 3 data centre. In the event of a disaster the system images can be invoked in a virtual environment. This will provide a live IT system with agreed operating systems, applications and data – delivered to users as if your main systems had not failed. It will be available for remote access for a selection of users, allowing them to continue working with no serious downtime or data loss.

Data Backup in
the cloud
(Option 1)
Cloud Backup
& Recovery
(Option 2
(Option 3)
Style tape
Data is kept offsite
Applications are kept offsite
Emails are stored offsite
Image technology
Automated procedure
Proactive backup maintenance
Backup archives
Access to data 24/7
Image recovery
Tier 4 storage
Data Encrypted
Data retrieval 24/7
Image hosted for remote access

Included Option Not Included

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