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Clicksweep logoClicksweep – Protect your organisation from malicious URLs hidden in emails

Clicksweep provides another level of protection against phishing and ransomware attacks by preventing email recipients from clicking on dangerous URLs. It rewrites URLs in emails, enabling them to be rescanned at the time of the click. ClickSweep is an add-on feature to MailSweep email security service.

A common zero-day attack scenario sees seemingly innocent emails containing web links pass through spam and virus filters. These emails are delivered to the intended recipient as they do not pose a threat. However, after a brief period, the web link contained in the email becomes “weaponised” and is pointed to a phishing site or to a website which can download malicious content to your computer.

This subjects the recipient and their network to phishing, ransomware, or other malicious attacks. Clicksweep will stop these links ever getting through to the recipient; thus ensuring the security of your network.


What does Clicksweep do?

  • Scans URLs in emails
  • Re-writes all web links in emails
  • Blocks URLs which could lead to phishing, spear phishing, spoofing and ransomware attacks
  • Allows the customisation of warning and block pages
  • Provides easy statistics report scheduling
  • Reduces security risks

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