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Systems Check – Integracheck 

Our system check solution is one of our latest offerings and is the solution that you need to ensure your systems are running smoothly.

Q: Do you know if your IT System is set up correctly?

Q: Are you 100% confident that you could restore all of your data? What would be the cost if you couldn’t?

Q: How quickly could you be up-and-running in the event of a system failure due to fire, flood or theft?

Integratech have designed a service to proactively improve and check your enterprise’s systems.

IntegraCheck is a carefully constructed engineering service which covers the vital aspect of checking and validating your IT systems.

This service was created following many requests from clients who wanted the peace of mind that their systems were protected and secure from the outside world.

In addition to the security of their systems clients wanted to know that their servers and workstations were being optimised to reduce problems and improve performance.

Systems Security Appraisal

The Systems Security Appraisal can cover the following areas of your systems:

  • IT Policy
  • Internet Access / Usage
  • Password / User Maintenance
  • Email Usage / Confidentiality
  • RAS / Firewalls
  • Check Anti-Virus / Updates
  • Server Space Management
  • User Data Location / Folder Configuration
  • Check for Unauthorised software
  • Removal of Data
  • Password protection of documents
  • Data Backups / Client & Server / Tape Rotation / Cleaning / Off site Storage
  • Computer Theft Security
  • Server Redundancy / Cluster Servers / Fail over / Mirror & Raid / Power Supplies
  • Power-UPS
  • Business Continuation
  • System Documentation
  • Licensing – Check you are recent


What areas do we cover?

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