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SAP Business One – Administration & Reporting

SAP Business One ERPSAP Business One: Administration & Reporting

SAP Business One with combined Crystal Reports gives extensive reporting options to small and midsize businesses looking to grow operations.

  • Gain instant access to vital information that will help you improve the decision making process
  • Create reports quickly and easily using in-built tools and customise to meet your specific requirements
  • View reports directly within SAP Business One or export to PDF, Word, Excel, XML and RTF formats 

Transforming raw company data into valuable intelligence that can be used to help grow operations can be a challenging task for most small to mid-size organisation. As a result of this, many businesses feel the need to cobble reports together from information that has been imported in an ad hoc manner from multiple applications. SAP Business One with integrated Crystal Reports not only gives you the functionality to collaborate data from relevant systems automatically but also offers ability to convert that data into an arrangement that is easy for the user to analyse. This will help you to greatly increase productivity if you are creating new reports, adjusting current ones, or sharing reports across the business.

SAP Business One Administration & Reporting: Features

  • Report formation and customisation. Access company data from various sources, build new reports, or tailor existing ones using a variety of formats, with little IT overhead.
  • Report viewing. Take advantage of embedded tools such as Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex to facilitate impressive visualisations and interactivity.
  • Publishing and distribution. With SAP Business One reports can be conveniently exported to electronic formats for quicker distribution. Deliver them either over the internet or embedded in other applications, including portals, while retaining security.

SAP Business One Administration & Reporting: Benefits

  • Quicker and more efficient decision making thanks to up-to-date and accurate reports based on critical business data across financials, sales, customers, inventory, service, production, and operations
  • Cost savings resulting from the reduced amount of time and effort required to create detailed reports and less dependence on IT
  • Improved access to important company information any way people need it and at any time

In order to find out more about the Administration & Reporting module within SAP Business One please CONTACT US today and we will be happy to run through the specifics.


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