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SAP Business One – Accounting & Financials

SAP Business One ERPSAP Business One: Accounting & Financials

SAP Business One is a powerful ERP system that has a comprehensive set of inbuilt tools that will allow you to completely manage and automate your entire business processes.

  • Effectively grow your business by streamlining the accounting and financial operations
  • Gain instantaneous insight into business performance to help increase productivity
  • Solution can be customised with integrated add-on solutions for all business requirements

Business growth brings with it increased challenges for the accounting and financial functions of small to medium organisations. If you do not have a comprehensive automated solution to manage your financials, these challenges can become overwhelming to your current accounting and financial processes, leading to a greater amount of disorganisation and mistakes that can negatively impact on business performance and cause a drop in revenue. SAP Business One is a leading Enterprise Resource Planning application that offers a way to totally manage business processes and gain a clear insight into performance to allow you to focus on growing your company.

SAP Business One Accounting & Financials: Features

  • Financial accounting. Take charge of your financial transactions by using the power of SAP Businesses One to fully manage general ledger, budgeting, account maintenance, journal entries and more, in one easy to use and advanced system.
  • Budgeting. SAP Business One contains advanced budgeting features that allow you to manage, allocate and distribute budgets. Set limits and notify people when transactions exceed budgets and report on monthly spend activities.
  • Banking and reconciliation. Record all banking activities including cash and card payments, payment receipts, deposits, posted cheques, and account reconciliation.
  • Financial reporting. Create comprehensive financial reports using live data from right within SAP Business One. Balance sheets, budget reports, profit and loss accounts, cash flow reporting and more can all be easily analysed using in-built tools.

SAP Business One Accounting & Financials: Benefits

  • Streamline your financial operations. Reduce data errors and inconsistencies by managing your accounts and finance operations in one single automated and integrated solution.
  • Quickly close your processes. Easily automate processes to ensure you can close your books faster with a greater level of accuracy.
  • Improve your decision making process. Gain a clear overview of how your business is performing by sharing data across departments and creating detailed reports at the click of a mouse.

In order to find out more about the Accounting & Financials module within SAP Business One please CONTACT US today and we will be happy to run through the specifics.


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