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Meet The Team

At Integratech we are committed to providing an excellent level of service to our clients. This requires always having the best staff for customers to relate to and build lasting relationships with. We hope you find our meet the team page informative. 

On this page you will find profiles of some of our customer-facing staff members.

Greg Catherwood

Greg Catherwood: Joint Managing Director & Commercial Director


Duties: Working with the sales team, working relationships with suppliers, Avaya telephone system specialist, sourcing of products

Number of years in IT: 26 years

Top tip: Working closely with us

First Computer: My father’s ZX Spectrum. The first one I bought was a Commodore 64

If I wasn’t in IT I’d be: Probably dead!

Before I worked in IT: I was an agricultural engineer

Best thing about Integratech: Everything! – A fantastic team, excellent customers and great supplier partnerships

Favourite pastimes: My wife says doing research on computers at home, however for me, spending time with my family and friends, swimming, shooting, and sailing are right at the top of my priorities- not forgetting a good tasting pint of beer!

Ian Warr

Ian Warr: Joint Managing Director & SAP Specialist


Duties: Control of company finances and operational activities, business strategy development, overseeing SAP implementations, business process design, MS SQL, and business intelligence

Number of years in IT: 24 years

Top tip: Live everyday as if it is your last

First Computer: ZX81 with a massive 16kb RAM upgrade!

If I wasn’t in IT I’d be: Flying fighter jets for the RAF

Before I worked in IT: I was in retail management

Best thing about Integratech: Seeing our clients businesses grow due to our help. This gives me a real sense of achievement

Favourite pastimes: I’m a big piston-head with a passion for supercars; I also enjoy clay pigeon shooting

Mick Wootton

Mick Wootton: Operations Manager


Duties: It is my job to oversee the technical department and ensure day-to-day operations are running smoothly

Number of years in IT: 15 years

Top tip: Download the scanner app on your smartphone- it’s a great asset to have

First Computer: Psion 3a

If I wasn’t in IT I’d be: An Airline pilot

Before I worked in IT: I was a motor mechanic

Best thing about Integratech: The exciting challenge of working for a growing company

Favourite pastimes: I love attending motor sport events, riding motorbikes and looking after my koi carp fish. When I am feeling really rash I like hiking.

Adam Marlow-Jones

Adam Marlow-Jones: Account Manager


Duties: I work with new and existing clients to establish their business needs and ensure they get the most out of their hardware and software systems

Number of years in IT: 22 years

Top tip: Always be honest and upfront as people will respect you more for it

First Computer: Intel 386 SX25 with a 320MB hard drive

If I wasn’t in IT I’d be: Less stressed! No seriously I love my job and couldn’t ever see myself in another industry

Before I worked in IT: I was an installations engineer

Best thing about Integratech: Staff morale and how we all work together as a good team

Favourite pastimes: Football, badminton and generally running around after my own two boys who take up a lot of my time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way

Nigel Marlow

Nigel Marlow: Account Manager


Duties: I work with new and existing clients to consult on IT systems and support. Following a new implementation I provide ongoing support as an Account Manager

Number of years in IT: 20 years

Top tip: Look into functionality and facts not buzz words

First Computer: Xinix 386 server

If I wasn’t in IT I’d be: A rally car driver

Before I worked in IT: I was at school

Best thing about Integratech: Having a great portfolio of tried and tested solutions and the ability to take a consultative approach

Favourite pastimes: Football, socialising at the pub and most importantly spending time with my family.



Dawn May

Dawn May: Training and support consultant


Duties: Ensuring clients have a smooth transition to their new ERP software, and managing their continued support once they are operational

Number of years in IT: 34 years

Top tip: In SAP Business One 8.81, try the new relationship map option instead of the base/ target document icons

First Computer: ACT Sirius

If I wasn’t in IT I’d be:  A garden designer

Before I worked in IT: An over-enthusiastic shopper living in upstate New York!

Best thing about Integratech: The people here are a great bunch to work with and we all seem to have a similar sense of humour.

Favourite pastimes: I enjoy going down the pub, gardening, and windsurfing when the water is warm.

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